Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I was sleeping pretty good till I got woke up by a bad dream....grrr...

Gave me a chance to post some pictures anyway from Saturday. Hannah-Claire has decided to be a girl for a day, she wanted to be in the Little Miss Rebel Pageant :) We've been dress hunting. My mom's friend told her about this dress store is Tennessee. So we drive and hour and a half there to find this horrible dress store. Not saying the name of the place or what city it was in, but it was BAD BAD BAD!! However, to make this horrible trip good, we were able to bribe Hannah-Claire to try on one of the MANY ugly dresses in the store. It cost us a $6.00 donation to the "Humiliate Hannah-Claire Fund", but it was totally worth it!

OMG, we laughed so hard at her and this dress, till she screamed to take it off. I think she may have gotten fleas from trying it on.

She wears dresses from time to time, but NOTHING like this! It might take us awhile to find her something, but we will :) We are getting the shoes this weekend, that was the easy part, they got Hannah written all over them!

On the way back we all had a fun time on the side of the road. Several places were like this. Places where there was beautiful icicles running down the rocky ledges.

I suppose I will try going to bed once again.

It looks like it stopped snowing outside, so I don't guess I will get to stay home today due to the weather.

Good night everyone!