Friday, January 04, 2008

This bank is along highway 20, my friend works not far from this bank (off the highway). She called me at lunch at asked if I had seen the fountain at the old bank and I said no why, did you fill it with soap? (that seems to be a huge kid prank around Decatur, put a bottle of dish detergent in the fountain. It suds up so bad it rolls out of the fountain and onto the highway) AND NO, I NEVER done it!

Anywho, she said since we had a hard freeze Wednesday night that the fountain had froze over and it looked so beautiful. She said, "I know you have your camera on you, go take pictures!"

I happen to work on the opposite end of the street from the bank, so when I got off, I went to take pictures.

I walked around as long as I could without freezing to death (I'm a dork who doesn't wear coats). It was one of those moments where I just stood there looking around and realizing how beautiful the area was. Since the trees has lost their leaves, you can see straight through to the river one way and old downtown the other. It's truly a wonderful place to see and live. I LOVE THE SOUTH!

Here is a web site about the history of the Old Bank and my pictures of the bank and fountain.



china59 said...

Oh my ! These pics are gorgeous ! You sister knows you alright !

How cool that you have a Breakfast club quote on your blog !

Lisa said...

Oh Wow! Absolutely beautiful! You would love the ice sculptures and snow sculptures they put up in winter here. I will try to remember to take pictures.

Love your pictures and I miss the south!

Joy Pate said...

oh nancy that is soooo cool!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

oh my gosh....crazy...amazing and crazy!
great pictures!

Bridget said...

Wow, those pics are beautiful!