Monday, January 07, 2008

I had an early morning drive to Birmingham today. Headed up there fast and came home even faster! It was x-rays at 8:15 and the doctor's appt was 8:30. I left at 6:30 in hopes I wouldn't run into a traffic jam. Birmingham is not one of my favorites places to drive it. All is good, doctor said I couldn't mess up my back now :) Incision was good and I was strong as an ox. I'm thinking it was his way of saying I was fat as an ox, but at least he was nice about it, lol.

My posts are boring as all get out, but sometimes I feel like if I post a pic it's not so bad, so here are pics coming and going to my doctor's appt this morning. (yeah, still boring, I know) I thought the sunrise was pretty. It's blurry, but can you take a good picture going 85 mph?

I scrapped this weekend, but I didn't take pictures of my layouts yet, I'll post them tomorrow. Have a good day, M

Here are some parting pictures of my goofy child.