Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is not the project I was talking about I was working on, but here is one I did do. The house we are currently inhabiting is 2500 sq ft. This bathroom is 2x2 and it's the LARGE ONE! Well, actually, it is a little bigger, but not much. Now the other bathroom, TINY! It has a shower and I swear you can shit-shower-and shave at the same time!

It kills me why someone would build a fairly decent sized house and have 2 living rooms and a den! They use up all the space on 3 rooms that are used for the SAME function, then make bathrooms so small that the closets are bigger. GO FREAKING FIGURE! The "den" is my scrap room/work area for my husband/junk room. One of the living rooms we watch TV in and the other is a "fancier," lets have company over living room. We had my in laws over for Christmas Eve, the "FANCY" room is decked out all Christmassy and guess what...........................they all pile up in the JUNK ROOM around the wood burning stove. See my point?

So, back to the closet w/ a tub; I didn't have anything on the walls, but I wanted to jazz it up without spending alot of $$. This is a 16x20 canvas I made, paid $8 for the canvas, everything else I had at home (paper/mod-podge).

It was super easy, but I like it and it looks good in there :)

Hope everyone had a great New Year. We stayed home, Taylor and I played LIFE'S Twist and Turns all night. We saw the ball drop in NYC at 11PM our time and then again at 12pm. Hannah-Claire partied all night with a friend :) It wasn't the best party in town at our house, but we were away from the drunks !

Have a good day, M