Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, we are still in the tournaments. We play tonight at 5:30 and if we win, we play right after again at 7pm. Then if we win those, we play again tomorrow. If we lose out first game tonight, we will place at 4th in the county. We are so very proud of ours girls. We've never gone this far before, they are aweome!

We basically had games thurs, fri and sat. Saturday I took Taylor to the Girl Scout 500+ cookie club. Here are a few pictures of her and her friends:

The pictures are horrible. When my camera batteries get low they turn my peeps into that lovely shade of pink :) Lovily huh?!! Otherwise would have been some fun pictures. I'll probably end up changing them to B & W's.

Have a great Monday, what's left of it. Good Day! M


Joy Pate said...

i was wondering! I thought that you let Taylor stay out in the sun waaaaaaay too long! LOL

Misty Posey said...

hehe, she's also turns a pretty shade purple, you just have to catch her at the right moment :)