Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm sitting here at the library. Taterbug came to work with me today and I promised her I'd bring her here when I got off, so here I am. I could read something, but that would be so borning, lol. Nah, just kidding, I think I am fixen too because I really have nothing to do on the computer but play pogo and post a message here. Plus, so many people walk back and forth that I get the feeling some are trying to read what I have to say. More are reading over my shoulder than come to read it here :)

I woke with a horrible headache this morning and I have not been able to lose it all day. Even with a few Advil's. Then today at work, the phones were very busy, so that didn't help much.

Tater was a big help though. I know she was bored out of her mind, but she asked to come. You'd think a teenager would just assume to be home and sleep most of the day, I KNOW I SURE WOULD! She did several time consuming things from me, so I was glad she came.

Taylor is at the computer next to me, I just glanced over to see what she was doing, she's taking a quiz, ARE YOU A LOSER? I'll pass on taking that questionnaire, I wouldn't like the outcome answer it gave me.

Speaking of Taylor, I go to pay the cell phone bill today, it's over $300! I thought I would freakin' die. Go on-line to check out the issues and my lovely sweet TATerbuG had went over a tad on texting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like $120.00 worth! Now this child has had this phone for 3 years, texting is not new to her, but this is the first time this has ever happened. She only has 100 texts on her phone, well, this months bill was 1169, ONLY 1,069 OVER THE LIMIT! I called to see what I could do since I feel this would only get worse with this being just a couple of weeks into the Summer........and it got far on this upcoming bill, she has ALREADY 1175 messages, with 12 more days till the end of the billing cycle. At that point I fell out of my chair and as I crawl back up, I burn a hole threw Taylor. I stare her down as the lady is talking and here my child is just looking at me grinning! She knew it was fixen to be the last day of her existence. But............then.......the lady, whom she will never meet, saves her life. I got a texting plan and she back dated it so that it would cover this months overage. Mind it will not fix this month's I still have to pay, but it will fix the upcoming month.

I know parents all over the world have this problem, but what the hell do these kids BS about all day? I looked at Taylor's IM's and I find messages that will just say, "k". Crazy crap!

Well, HAGD :)
(Have a good day) C U L8R