Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Believe it or not, this be my first garden. I've never tried to have one, nortried to plant one. Well, technically I didn't plant this one. My in-laws planted it. Glenn plowed the garden, and my MIL planted the seeds as I watched. Soon we will have some Lima beans, watermelons, and cucumbers. The pictures where you see 1/2 planted pine cones and plastic tie wraps in the ground, is where Hannah-Claire planted some other miscellaneous stuff she got from Girl Scout camp. I think there was a butter bean, squash, kelp, (another) watermelon, radish and one other veggie I can't think of. I hope they grow so Hannah can see. I promised her we would take pictures every week and make a flip book when the veggies are ready for picking. She has had a time watering everything including herself :) These are the first pictures we've taken, I think it has been 3 or 4 weeks since we actually planted everything. Except Hannah's stuff, we just planted all that this weekend.

There is a new Crop Spot coming soon to Boaz, AL;

If you are in the area or close by, check it out! On June 30th they are have the opening day with a Meet-N-Greet. The GRAND OPENING will be in July sometime. Anywho, just wanted to mention it to yeah.

Have a good day, M

Oh...and the answer to the riddle...hearse.