Thursday, June 21, 2007

I lived thru another month of sales tax reports. The 20th day of the month is starting to be my most hated days of the year. I use to love doing those tax reports (Yes, I know I am a freak) but I guess after years and years, the new has wore off. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!

Last night I checked the garden and I noticed our ONE sunflower, that we didn't plant had opened up finally. The sun had gone down, so I decided to take a picture this morning. A solid white spider has made a home of it. Kinda of a creepy little guy, but as long as he leaves me alone, I will leave him alone.

The other pic is my 4 o'clocks, another item in our garden I didn't plant. Not sure why they are called 4 0'clocks cause it was 6 o'clock when I took the picture and they are blooming. lol Yeah, that was lame, I know!

My wonderful camera was acting up again. It took pics of the flowers fine, then the pick starts. Taylor's face is not pink on the layout.

I got these 3 done this week.

I am LUV'en all the pattern papers and colors that have come out recently.

That's all I have for now..........................GOOD DAY! M


Joy Pate said...

who makes the paper with the shiloutte girl?

Misty Posey said...

Imagination Project, Circus Rose, Play List