Friday, June 29, 2007

Well, it's Friday and I couldn't be more happier. I need the weekend like dogs need to sniff each others butt.

I've done nothing but chauffeured my kids around all week(and their friends) and I'm in need of some R&R. I bought passes to Point Mallard, but we haven't used them yet. Today I would LOVE to actually go home and stay for awhile, but I'd also like to go swimming. DECISIONS DECISIONS!

I should have a stree free weekend, cause last weekend I got all the left over moving boxes unpacked and stuff put in their new space. I couldn't stand up straight Monday, but hey...I got it finished, no one else was gonna do it. I spoke to the God of unpacked shit and asked if he would send me some help. I got help, he sent the Gods of nasty ass kitchen and they got together and came up with a solution to my dirty floor. They broke my washer so all the water in tub ran into the kitchen. So, an hour sponge mopping and 3 dozen towels later, the kitchen floor got cleaned, THANKS for the help! I did however get all the clothes washed up prior to the one load in the washer at the time. (please....GODs of smelly undies, go on vacation until I get a new washer.)

I got some new glasses, ain't I cute in them? (I have to take all the cuteness I can get) They are almost just like my Hannah Claire's.

I guess this is and over and out for me, have a good weekend. M