Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Whatzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup? (Nothing here yet, but I got plenty of time to start something!!)

Funny how you start to type one thing and something else comes out on the screen. Do you remember that asinine commercial? As stupid as it was, I still remember I use to laugh ever time it came on. (yes, I am easily ammused at times) Just like that commercial now, 2 guys on bikes and the third guy is "acting" like he's on a bike and he starts down a hill and tumbles me ever freakin' time! (okay yeah... fine, onto something else)

I'm in such a good mood this morning. It's 7:30 am and I've been at work since 6. The sales people will start rolling in any moment and I feel this good mood will quickly disappear. Kinda like candy in Hannah-Claire's pocket.

We lost our first game last night :( 12 to 10, but it was damn good ballgame. Both teams played very well and it went back and forth every inning, but the last inning we only managed to get 3 runs and we needed 5, they held us back and won. I don't mind losing those kinds of games.

I'm sitting here freezing, I'm always cold, and my boss just walks in and cuts the air on.......$@#!...&#@.....&@#!.......!&# See.....there went my mood, good to shitty in 1.3 seconds.

One of my scrap pals got me hooked on

Well, I got a HIGH alert email 20 minutes ago, which means a horse is foaling. I've never got to see one actually foal, I'd always miss it. When I go to check the horse out, the baby was already out. THIS TIME I got to see it!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so neat. We use to own a colt, and now my in-laws own horses, but I've never been around to see any of them foal. They have 2 due soon, one appaloosa and a miniature mare. My FIL is gonna call me, no matter what time, I want to see this in person!

Ahhh.....back in a good mood, took 2 hours and 5 minutes. (In case your keeping time, I had to save the post and come back to it, it's 9:47 am now :)--)

My brain is not talking to me as fast as it was this morning, I can't remember all I had to chat I part........good day!