Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can't believe it's been a week since I posted, I'm getting worser. LOL (A Hannah-Claire word) The other night I put make up on the girls, just playing around and I took a few pictures. Hannah-Claire loved the eyeliner! My babies are growing up.

So, we made it thru Hannah's sleepover birthday party; twelve kids total. By far, more drama that I care for, but we lived to tell about it. One kid left early and Hubby got cussed out by the mom (LONG STORY) and One child has sticky fingers and I knew that, so it was all I could do to follow her around all night and day before she was picked up. It's sad when FAMILY will steal from ya. YES, I know it happens, but's sad, and a kid at that! If (2) of the twelve kids had not shown up, I think it would have been the best slumber party, everyone else got along just great.

Hannah got some great gifts. Some of the cutest outfits I have ever seen. She also got $70 in cash (and prizes, lol) and $80 in gift cards. She was so happy and couldn't wait for me to take her shopping. And Sunday, that's what we did. I believe she has to be one of the quickest shoppers ever. First was Goody's, we were not in there 20 minutes and she came out with 2 outfits and a pair of Capri's. She asked to run to shoe carnival and she walked down the aisles and they walked to the shoes she wanted. Took 5 minutes trying to find her size, but over all, 10 minutes in there. Then off to the mall. She spent her Claire's gift card, 15-20 in there and she was left with $10 bucks. She asked if $10 dollars was enough for a LARGE icee and 2 sugar cookies from the Cookie Co. and I told her, I'm "pretty" sure :) Then we were home bound. We were probably gone an hour total. Out of all the things she got, 1/2 of it had skulls on it :) She's turning into a skater chick, the CUTEST SKATER CHICK EV-VA!!!

Speaker of skater chick, have you listened to the newest CD from Avril Lavigne, The Best Damn Thing? I downloaded it onto Taylor's IPOD. I got it for 2 songs and I've ended up liked the whole list of songs but one. Check it out if you are looking for some new tunes.

I've yet to do any scrapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still ordering stuff, and it is still unused. I've been getting my kits in the mail as usual and I just store them. When I have time to scrap, I'm not in the mood. When I'm in the mood, I don't have the time. What the hell is up with that?

It's 2:20 pm, I got 10 minutes before I leave work, YEAH!!!!!!!!! Have a good afternoon and evening! M