Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So, Nanny says she saw a mouse in the new house a couple of weeks ago and I told her she was crazy! How can there be when there is nothing in the house (except my new couch) to eat? She left that moment and went straight to the store for poison. I didn't see ANY signs of a mouse so I figured she was wasting her money......AH YEAH

This weekend I walk in, I'm by myself, and for some reason.....I kick the couch. OKAY, I was creaped out, just in case Nanny wasn't crazy and there he was, IN MY NEW COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! $@# &$^# ^@#! !!!!!!! Oh, he was going to die. Oh, I talk big now, but I was screaming like a little school girl, a mad school girl. I thought he ran under the baseboards, so I go to looking for him and I throw the blinds back around the sliding glass door and TA DA.........there the fur ball was. I got the shop vac and sucked him right up!!!!!!! hahahaha I shit you not. AWHHH SUCKY SUCKY :):)

My thought is that he must have been on his death bed from the poison anyway cause he was not very quick at all, cause my fat butt would not have been able to chase him, that not being the case. I was afraid he might get out and eat me, so I tape the hose up till Glenn showed up later in the afternoon. I was gonna let him get him out of the vac. I didn't wanna look at him.

Glenn looked when he got there and the mouse was dead. Not sure if the shock of being sucked up got him, the poision, or BOTH, but he's gone to mouse heaven.

I saw this yesterday and I had to get a pic of it. The fish actually moved, flopping back and forth. I was sitting at the light and it moving caught my attention. Where do people get this stuff? I didn't roll down my window to see if it was singing, would have been singing with a mouth full :)

Check out big one.

We were suppose to have a practice game yesterday, but several of the girls on the other team was sick, so we just did the normal practice stuff. I got a few good pictures out of it.

Well, It's time for lunch and I've run out of things to yap about. Have a good day, Misty


Joy Pate said...

oh good lord you crack me up girlie!!! That was good! Thanks for the laugh - awww sucky sucky! I could HEAR you saying that as i read it! LOL