Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This morning I go to 4 bank machines trying to get money out and nothing. Kept telling me I was not inserting the card right???? I finally give up and come on to work. I get to work, check my emails and see I have a message in my ETSY Conversations. So....I got to Etsy and (hummmm....) no message! Oh, and I almost forgot, I got a movie in my mail box at work. A brand new movie still in the wrapper. No note on it or anything. I've been asking around and no one gave it to me or no one knows who did!! (btw, it's Charlotte's Web, before your dirty minds get going on overdrive.) It's like Friday the 13th already. I've got an appointment to get my hair cut tonight, I'm almost scared to go.

Taylor is getting her hair done too; cut and some highlites. She's excited to get it done. I'll try to remember to get before and after. Hers has gotten so long. Mine has gotten to my shoulders now, but I've decided to just whack it all off again, especially since Summer is coming.

Work is going to go very slow today, nothing to do. We are doing an upgrade on the accounting system and we can't do anything till the upgrade is complete. It would be lovely if I could just go home, but I can't.

Ball season is here and while I don't have a super fancy camera for ball shots, I found this article quiet interesting, "How to Photograph Baseball and Softball." I'm just a photo peon, but I like this site alot.

Okay, that's all from me. I think I get a ton of crap to talk about then I start typing and then I forget. DOH! Bye, Misty