Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I love watching trains go by. (well, if I'm not in a hurry) For one, it is really relaxing for me to hear the clanking of rails as it passes and two; to see all the kewl graffiti on the different cars. It amazes me what kids can do with spray cans.

Yesterday when I stayed over at work till 5, I went to the next building and waited for hubby to get off. He and I work at the same place, but we're in different buildings :) So I thought we'd follow each other home. It ended up being a race to see who could get home first, lol, but HE STARTED it. **I won by the way**

Anyway...I sat on the grassy hill waiting on him and the train came by. I ran to get my camera and I was glad I did cause there was alot of fun art rolling by. I missed one that had funny faces on it, but I like what I got.

Then I heard hubby coming out :) The hunt began...........I rolled over in the grass and went on the prowl while crawling threw the grass. To consume the prey is not necessary, only to photograph the carnivore. (He NEVER lets me gets pictures of him! )



and got caught...*just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave*

So, it's hump day, and tomorrow is PAYDAY! Which got me to thinking, you remember that game? I love that game. I promised the girls when we moved, I'd start buying games again. I'll have to remember to hunt that one up.

Everyone have a good day. M