Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I saw this yesterday while sitting in line at KFC. I thought maybe it was a Holly bush, but never seen one like this. Those berries are so beautiful.

It's 3:42 and I usually leave work at 2:30. Just trying to get the month end closed out, year end crap starts soon. I'll be completely nuts come May.

I'm so ready for the hot weather and the swimming pools. The sunshine is calling my name.

Does anyone decorate their house for "SPRING?" I don't, but I broke down and bought the banner kit on I don't normally buy that kit, but I could see that banner at the new house hanging from the fireplace mantel. It will be a couple of weeks to get it, so I hope to have the house finished and IN by then.

I painted the other bathroom last night and I totally love the color I choose. Somewhere between sage green and forrest green. It's gonna go great with the shower curtain I have.

Well....back to work for me, gotta go get some caff.