Thursday, March 15, 2007

Psychiatry Study

A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

For example: If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features.
However, if she is menstruating, or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire.

No further studies are expected.


Hollye said...

I saw your book on your LSS website that you taught this past weekend. Did you teach how to make the license plate album as well?

Misty Posey said...

No, I had the plate cut and holes drilled before the class. During the class, we just put it together and I showed a way to add the pages and we emblished. The hard part is find someone to cut the metal for you. A "normal" license plate is 12x6, I cut the ends at 5" a piece and the middle part is 2". Then you drill holes to match whatever hinges you plan to use. Thanks for asking. M