Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm on a roll, got 2 more pages done last night. I did the canvas last weekend and like the way the acrylic and 3-d paint looked, so I wanted to try it again on a layout. I just love this picture, look at those cute little faces :):)

Didn't even realize when I was stamping stars that I stamped 12 on each side. I started counting cause I wanted the same number on both side. Hannah-Claire's b-ball number was #12. I got hidden journaling under the photo.

This was a canvas I did for the class last weekend. I wanted us to use more paints this time.

I hardly get an emails, well.....I get a ton because of Yahoo groups :) but none to me. But, I have gotten several emails about the kits for this class. I only had one person sign up for this license plate album class. I must say she was a HOOT too and we had a fun time decorating pages and working the kinks out of the "putting together process." Opps....sorry, I meant to say it, there is no more kits really. We just picked and chose during the class. I do however have several plates here at home. I plan on have hubby cut them and I will be selling them on ETSY. There is nothing in my shop now, but as soon as I get a few moments, I will get some of them done. I am in the process of moving, so I have no idea when I will have them ready.

The canvases classes have been full both times and more have asked to take it. Because of the move it will be May or possibly June before I'm back up there to teach another class.

THANKS to everyone coming to my classes!!

On another note, the house is coming right along. I will take some update pictures tonight. The hardwood floors are white oak and now that all that carpet padding is gone and they are sanded now, they are beautiful floors. I think it's crazy to cover hardwood floors unless they are bad and can't be fixed. Glenn is sanding the last two floors tonight, so as soon as that is done, we can PAINT!!!!!!!!! I was so hoping to be in this house by the first of April, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen.

I've got a new couch and a new stove. I never could get one before, but now I get one since we are moving. I guess we'll need to move more often. I also got in my pot and pan rack in yesterday. That is another item I've always wanted, but really didn't have a place for it until now. I haven't took it out of the box completely, but it looks so nice. The kitchen is bigger in the new house, but less cabinet space, so this will come in handy.

**an FYI, I keep saying NEW house, we are not building, we're selling our house now, and we've got ANOTHER house and I just call it the "new" house cause I guess it is "new" to us :)

Well, I've blabbed enough, I have alot to do here at work today. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by............ a little joke to end with.............

Woman according to engineers