Friday, February 02, 2007

My Hannah-Claire.....

Made her first basket tonight, in B-all that is!!!! I was 1/2 paying attention and when I realized she had the ball, she had already shot and made the goal before I could get my camera out.

This was so huge, she's made a basket in practice, made twice the whole season. She is by far the shortest on her team, the shortest of her age. She is a wild girl on court, the girl can steal, but she just could not get a shot cause she is so tiny. You should have heard the people on the stands.........OMGosh it gave me chills. They yelled and screamed for her, she was so excited and we were so very very proud of her. Everyone watches her cause she is so small, you can't help not too. Parents have told us that if she ever made a goal, they hoped they were there to see it. Glenn said I was screaming even after everyone had already stopped. I couldn't help it. Hannah had a permanent smile on her face the rest of the evening.

Oh, and BTW, yup, we won 11 to 9.

I got several pics, just none of the amazing goal. Our next game is not until next Tuesday. I'm glad, I didn't wanna go to a game tomorrow. I keep thinking the mood will hit me to scrap. The house is 75% clean, so I should WANT to but I just don't.

Well, nighty nighty all, Drum Line is on and I wanna watch the end of it. Just wanted to share me good news!