Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm so tired.... physically, mentally, and emotionally. I managed to sleep last night and very well I might add, but when you don't normally sleep, one night of sleep doesn't seem like much. If I don't take a sleeping pill, I don't sleep. I guess after so many years you kinda get use to it.

Last weekend, Friday night, I took a pill and fell asleep, probably around 10:30 pm. I woke up at 4:30 in the AFTERNOON! Hubby and the girls let me sleep all day. I got up twice to tinkle and that was all. I've just been so stinkin' exhausted. I can't even sit and watch tv without it being tiring. Hubby just sits there......flip flip flip flipping and it makes my head hurt. I FLIP him off (telling him he is number #1) and so he starts fliping thru the menu section instead. Like the little 2 inch picture in the corner helps any.

I wanna scrap and my head is swimming with ideas, I'm just too freakin tired. (have I said I'm tired?) My table is clean and ready for me, just don't know when I'll be ready for it.

B-ball tournament game tonight, first one for Hannah-Claire. I'm excited. When you have a child that is a head and a 1/2 shorter than all the other girls, it is hard not to have fun. Her team has done fairly well, they lost 5 and won 5 over the season. Pretty good for most of them that this was their first year playing. Only the coaches daughter had played last year.

Next week comes softball sign ups, then soccer. Another busy spring and summer coming up.

Hannah-Claire took my camera one day this week, and I had not a clue she did. She took several pictures and when Glenn picked them up and brought them home, I thought it was so funny. Glenn said, " honey, all of your pictures are messed up." I was thinking, CRAP what the heck.........They were all fine :)

This is one she took that I ended up ordering a big picture of.

Some would think this is a CrAp-O-La picture, but I totally love the CRAP out of it! She got my camera once before and when I downloaded the pics I deleted all the pics she had taken. But now I see the cuteness of it. From now on I will pay a bit more attention to detail :)

Well, I suppose I better get to work. I got month end to do and TONS of invoicing to complete today. I think I may take a nap first. Good Day, M