Tuesday, December 05, 2006

school love

*leaving school after I picked her up yesterday*

ME: Where is it?


ME: You know what

HANNAH: *starts digging in school binder* *hands me a sheet of folded up paper*

ME: *unfolds paper* How sweet!

HANNAH: Did you know I broke up with Alex?

ME: Yes, I figured that since you have been calling Colten your boyfriend

HANNAH: Alex chased me around the play ground all the time trying to kiss me.

ME: Colten don't?

HANNAH: No Momma, He is a good boy!

ME: *smile* good!

It seems like right after school started Hannah-Claire and Colten started to be girlfriend/boyfriend. *if it was still all that simple, you don't have BOYFRIENDS in 2nd grade* They met up at school for the homecoming dance and from time to time I take her skating to met up with him. He seems to be a really sweet kid. He calls from time to time and they talk for a long time.

The week before Thanksgiving is when it started, everyday, Hannah-Claire would get in the car from school and show me a picture, "I LOVE YOU." Everyone being different.

So, yesterday I decided to ask further about the 'situation." *BIG GRIN* She tells me he's a bus rider and so he has to sit on one side of the cafeteria while she is on the other. He has to walk past her to leave and get on the bus. Everyday he writes her a note or draws a picture, while he waits, that says I LOVE YOU and gives it to her when he walks past.

I asked if she "loved" him too and she said yes, that she has given him a note at school.

I think it is sweet. If only we all said I LOVE YOU to someone everyday!

I LOVE YOU!!! Misty