Thursday, November 30, 2006

weird . . .

I'm standing there, in a large circle with Catholic Priests. All of them just standing there with no expression, but this one, one keeps looking at me and grinning????? Then I wake up and an evangelist was on the tube. Go figure?

I am about to fulfill a dream of mine. Monday, will be my first guitar lesson!!!!!!!! I am going to purchase my guitar tonight and Monday I start learning. For so many many years I have want to play and never did. My Nanny wanted to buy my a guitar when I was in school and mom never let her. So now is my chance, maybe a little late in life, but who cares? I don't!

Nothing much come from scrapping last night. I made a plaque for Taylor, but I wasn't pleased with it, lol, so I'm not sharing it :) But, however, I did play around with the Hannah-Claire last night while folding clothes on the bed and I took PHOTOS! Yeah! *okay, not really THAT exciting*

Just a cute Face, Gotta love those freckles!

I didn't even know my camera did this funny color thingy. Guess that is WHY they tell you to read your MANUAL. DOH!

*check out the shirt??* She is such a goofball.

Alrighty then, good day! M