Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I finally got to watch HOUSE last night. The ballgames messed it up for a couple of weeks and then I missed the one from last week. BOOHOO

"SCRAP HAPPENED" most of the night. It was nice to relax a little last night before my show. Seems we have been going and going for weeks now. The girl scouts have been keeping us busy; student council projects, basketball, and the numberous scrap jobs I need to do for people, I am tired.

Here is a purse I got done last night:

I am hoping for another relaxing night. I got an ELVIS purse to do and several projects to do for Scrap Mania.

Yesterday I FINALLY got Taylor's skate party set up. It is so hard for her cause the weekend I want to have her party always falls on the Alabama/Auburn game. Poor child, no one comes to her partys cause everyone is settling in for the game. Well, I decided to do it DURING the week this time. I hope it works better for her. Thursday is the party for friends and the family will come over on Sunday for dinner. Taterbug wants me to fix chicken casserole and pinto's. She is going to be 13, it really does just seem like she was just a baby yesterday, she will be a TEEN. Tater loves VW Bugs, so my friend Stephanie knows a lady who does gorgeous cakes and this lade is going to make me a cake with a VW on it. I think it will be so neat and I think Tater will LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I got to take the girls to school today, need to run................

You all have a wonderful day!!! SMOOCHES Misty