Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Electric Bill was only $110.00 for October! I am so excited. I have stayed on the girls about turning the lights off everytime they leave a room and I THINK they are finally listening!! I'll be happy to pay that bill :)

The Hayride went well Saturday. It was so cold during the ride, but afterwards the Bonfire was kicking and it felt wonderful to sit around it. The kids had a blast with the smores. I kept eating the marshmellows quicker than they could get them from me for the smores. We left a little earlier than expected though, Hannah-Claire pee-pee-ed on herself. Not all her fault, we went behide the vehicles and she squatted, just not enough, the pee ran straight down her leg and soaked the legs of her pants. I told her it was okay, that girls we just not made to pee in the wilderness! It worked out well though, we were tired and cold.

There was around 30 t 40 people and NO BATHROOM!! They fed us Chili when we got there. (CHILI!!!) It was a nice set up, they just didn't think about people needing to actually PEE or POOH while they were there.

Last minute plans landed me at my bosses' house Friday night for margarita's. It was the 4 of us here at work in my office. We drank and watched movies, a load of fun. I think we are going to try to get together more often. I had planned on scrapping, but that was much more fun :)

Well, lunch-b-over, talk to you all chicklins later.