Friday, November 03, 2006

Or I hope so, been waiting all week for it! :)

My 2nd Brownie meeting went so well. Me and my little girls had a ton - o -fun! We talked about the differences in them. I got mirrors for them so they could draw their self portraits :) WHAT A HOOT THAT WAS! They laughed and had a time with that. Funny how the small things they have the most fun with. I really ran out of time for all I had to do, but at least we all stayed busy.

Tomorrow the girl scouts are having a huge bon fire for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. We'll also have a hayride. That is from 3 to 9 tomorrow. We'll get to roast marshmellows and make smores. It is going to be so cold, so hopefully the fire will be BIG!!!!!!

I'll be scrapping tonight, Funk-a-delic Friday will be blasting.

Have a terrific weekend all.