Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ah suki suki

I love saying that, hope it don't mean anything bad! lol Kinda like an Asian Tattoo, you think yours says "Wise One" and come to find out the tattoo guy put one on that means "Want Fries with That?"

I scrubbed my dining room floor on my hands and knees last night!!!!! This stuff you people call "cleaning" is getting old! If I get the whole house clean, then I won't have to do it for least till next year? :) *snicker* Sunday I put up a Christmas tree and last night I scrubbed the floor, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? That white padded room is calling me.............hey "wise one"

2 days till Taylor's Party, 5 till the family comes over for her "real" birthday on Sunday. I think I might manage :)

Well, not much more to say really unless you wanna hear me describe the filth I found last night. *HA* I didn't think so. Good Day, M

Thought for the day: If heat rises, then shouldn't hell be cold?