Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tomorrow is Taylor's party, hope she enjoys it. This is the gift I have been working on for months. I tried to get a charm a week, if I could. I have 5 tiny charms on there way I ordered, but I do not think they will be here in time. I bought them on ebay, not paying attention to the auction, the guy was in Singapore! I paid more for shipping than I did all the charms I got from him. Stupidity on my part.

Pencil Sharpener, "13", bubblegum machine, butterfly, sax, flamingo, "honor student" plaque, "daughter" heart, roller skate.

The sax charm was one she had already, I took it and she has not even noticed it's gone. Beside that one, she will have thirteen charms total.

Everytime I think "13" it amazes me. I have a TEEN now! She's acting like one too.

So, I'll catch you all later! M

Thought for the day: All year long parents tell their kids not to play with fire, but on 4th of July they hand them a bag of explosives, a lighter, and say go have fun?


Jenney said...

Ha ha! Loving these "thoughts"! I've often wondered about the fireworks thing. I hate those things!!!

That bracelet is adorable. I'm sure she'll love it!