Monday, November 13, 2006

lunch break

I thought I'd talk and eat :) Well...type and eat!

I got Taylor's invites made yesterday and she loves them. The are on regular paper and she is just gonna to pass them out at school. I sure hope she has several friends come this year. Last year I felt so bad cause I waited, literally, till the last minute and she only had 3 friends, and 2 cousins go with us to the mall and a movie. This year I waiting late, not as late, but everything is running by okay. Her party is Thursday and I hope her giving them out today will be enough time for people. I guess we shall see. They turned out cute, I found a few cute sayings on line and she picked the ones she wanted. From SUBLIME STITCHING, I used my embrodery pattern to attach the skating girl on the invite and a skate. She wanted it to match the pillow case I am working on. The pillow case has got ROLLER QUEEN on it, a skater girl, and a skate. She wants all her friends to sign it when they show up at the party. *I just hope I get it finished!!!*

Sunday, Taylor wants all the family over for dinner. She wants me to fix chicken casserole. This makes me HAVE to CLEAN the HOUSE!!! I hate cleaning. But, she only turns 13 once :) I'll do, but I won't like it! *GRRRRRR*

I got started on Christmas Shopping this weekend. I took off Friday since the girls were out of school and we had an awesome day. It was beautiful and warm. I spent too much, but at least I mananged to get a few presents out of it :)

Don't fall out of your chair, but I put up the small Christmas tree last night. *oh yes, I shit you not* I fluffed and fixed a pretty bow, no ornaments yet. The cats were eyeing it, 5 bucks it is in the floor when I get home this afternoon!

We got our fur babies the week before Thanksgiving, so they are close to a year old now. Tink loves me, but I think Jasmine hates us all, lol. The just live there. I can't believe we have had them that long. Taylor wanted lap cats, but we don't have them. They just think we are scum of the earth. hehe Cats are so funny though.

Well, I do believe lunch is over, I will part with a thought for today....

How does Freddy Kruger wipe his butt?

Bye, M


Jenney said...

Hey Misty!

Love your "parting thought"!! Too funny!