Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Smoosday

GOOOOOOD MORNNNNINGGGGG Decaturrrrrr! (And other parts of the world as well) (I don't feel I have too many visiting here :):)!!)

We had a fun, yet busy time with Big Brother/Big Sisters last night. The girl scouts (and a few of my Brownie girls) helped out with the Halloween Party for BB/BS. I had to explain a couple of times to my girls that we were just there to help, but in the end, they were given loads of candy and treats. The older one knew why they were there, for a good cause, but the little ones need explaining to once in a while :)

They were terrific though. They would stand back and watch, I think they understood after it was all said and done. At our next meeting, I was already planning on talking about differences between us all, and now after helping with BB/BS, that may help them understand about how we are all different, more than in just looks.

Tonight is Hannah-Claire's first basketball practice. We've never played this sport before. I am SOOOOOOO excited. I told the coach when she called that Hannah was 2 foot nothing, lol. Actually she is 3 foot, but she is tiny, so this is going to be a challenge. My husband always played basketball and he's not tall. She's just like him, so I am so sure she will do wonderfully. I'll post pics later. (
My computer is acting up, so no promises) I suppose that's all for now, have a good day, good week and blah blah!