Saturday, October 14, 2006


Today is Saturday right? I just got up a couple of hours ago, so, not sure if I slept right thru Saturday or not. I've been averaging around 3 hours a night and I am so stinking tired. Seriously though, I didn't get up today till after 6pm. I still feel tired.

My husband's brother brought over his dog to breed with ours, border collie, well . . . She is a barker!!!!! It is hard enough from me to sleep as it is, then to have her BARK ALL THE FREAKIN time, makes it worse. When I want to fall asleep, I can't. AND to make things so much more better *insert sarcasm*....The cats....BOTH of them are in heat! So, that makes 3 females around here who are horny, 4 if you include me! But me and cats are just out of luck.

I finished my 1st embroidery project, a monogram, and I must say, I think I did pretty good.

I have ironed on the the "Roller Derby" print onto Tater's pillow case, so it is my next project. The book Nanny got me really helped on the stitching.

Doing this has made me feel old. I have to take off my glasses to do the work, I think I need BIFOCALS!! I wear glasses (or contacts) all the time, but it seems I can see, sewing, much better without them.

The school had homecoming yesterday. We won 63 to 6, not sure if you even wanna call that a game or not. Here some pics of the girls. Taylor didn't dress up, but wore her homecoming shirt. Hannah-Claire had a dance Thursday and she was a doll. The picture of her was taken at the dance. I had one of her and her little "boyfriend", but didn't wanna post his picture.

I suppose that is all for now. Nothing too extremely exciting going on. Have a good weekend! Misty