Wednesday, October 11, 2006

wazzzzzzzz up? (you remember all those old stupid commercials)

ANYWAY...Guess what? (No, not chicken squat) I am now a Brownie Troup leader? Oh, the sound of excitement in your hearts now! hehe But, Ah, it is true though. My first meeting will be the 20th. I can not wait to get started. I will have 4 girls with a new one starting shortly there after. The night before last I found some of the best projects for the girls to do. I dove into all my scrapping supplies and pulled out everything I don't use and came up with several ideas for crafts for them to do. This being my first year, out group will not have an funding for the first year, well until we sell cookies, in January.

Speaking of old, (earlier, remember? FIRST LINE!!?) I found something on ebay. Do you ever get on there and just look? Look for the most crazy thing you can find? Well I do. When you are up till 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning, you LOOK FOR STUFF!

Well, I found those plastic charm necklaces from the 80's. You remember? It was a link chain with clip on charms and bells. I had so many of these growing up. They were so NEAT. So, don't be surprised (Those who know and see me on a daily basis) if you see me with one on. Man I love those things!!!

I also found TRETORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hummm....also founded out they actually still sell the original canvas ones NEW! never know till you look. Right!? Yeah.....QUIT ASKING ME QUESTIONS! Oh, that's me, sorry! I bet I had 10 pairs of those Tretorns growing up. I also will be seen in these soon! These were the most comfortable shoes I had ever had.

I got the hic-cups! CRAP!!!!!!!JDSOEDO!!!!!!!!!JDDLD!!!!!!!!!!KEKEK!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone watching the show Friday Night Lights? I've watched it and I like it, but I miss HOUSE! I'd say something ugly about the BALL GAMES that block my show, but then I would probably get hate mail. I'll just suck it in a stand for it.

Let's see, what else could I possibly talk about? Oh, Hannah-Claire has a date for the homecoming dance! She said I was not suppose to come, RIGHT? I will be there with a camera. I hope she doesn't think for a second I will let this one go by. A dance? With my little girl? On a date? I THINK NOT! We went to Goody's and she picked her out an out fit. Jeans with sequins and a pretty shirt with more sequins. She picked out some hoochie mama ear rings and a necklace with a "C" on it. They didn't have an "H" one. She'll be picture perfect.

No scrap news at the moment.

OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nanny bought me this book with embroidery monogram patterns in it. It is beautiful patterns and several stitches in it I didn't know. As soon as I finish something I will show it off. I am so excited to have something to to work on while EVERYONE ELSE SLEEPS!!! I got some of the most awesome patterns in the mail Saturday from Sublime Stitching.

I was looking for a book for some embroidery stitches on amazon and found a Jenny Hart book. Which mentioned SUBLIME Stitching and WHAMMIE. I got 4 of the patterns off her sit and they are too cute. I got the roller skating one for the girls and that is my first project for them. I'm working on pillow cases (I'm new to this!!!) and that seemed easy to me; roller Girls, on a pillow case, and their name.


Okay, now I think I am done. Got to sleep, so I can wake in a few hours to be to work at 7AM. Enjoy your lovely day.

Do a craft....better yet, show someone else how to do one! Share your passion!