Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hump Day

First of all, here is a Layout I finished up tonight. *Hidden Journalling behind the matted picture*

Half the week is over! Tomorrow is payday and then....Friday. My favorite day of the week. Being up in the front office , answering phone lines, doing my "not so normal" job has been fun this week. Time just flies by. I really haven't managed to get all my invoicing done because the phones ring so much. I have had so much fun. I almost wish I could just answer the phones again. That will never happen though.

Yesterday I got my new camera in the mail; Canon Power Shot A430. It is nice, but I went against my words, "I'll NEVER EVER buy a digitial camera." And I did. It will take a while for it to grow on me and it will not be the first I pick up because my Nikon Film girl is my favorite and always will be.

Here is a pic I too tonight . . . .

Me and my BEAUTIFUL daughter!!! Taterbug!

Seems I had some other BS to mention, but I forgot. OHHHHHHHHHH....You know I mentioned a couple of days ago that I could not give blood, I had a fever?! Remember?! Well, yesterday my big toe as hurting so bad. I had an ingrown tonail.

****please DO NOT READ anymore if you are the FAINT OF HEART ot gross out easily****

I sat in the bedroom floor with a towel, clippers, and a set of twissors and a bottlle of Jose'. I was ready to operate and Jose' was ready to take the pain away. I knew my toe was hurting, but I didn't take the time to actaully look at it. My toe it a lovely shade of purple.

I started clipping and I started pullinh and opened up a spot and puss ran all over my foot. Cleaned it all off and i squeezed blood out. My toe had been very infected and I didn't know.

I pet it was that that causeme to keep that fever. I think I got all the puss out. It should heel pretty quick. Today it looks and feel, maybe, 75% better.

Well..................................I am truely sorry. I can't type very well at the moment. I took my sleeping pilll and it has kicked in. Plus I have the hiccups and there is no help there either. I think this will look like jebberish. My apologies. If I don't take my pill, I'lll never go to sleep.

Night all, Have a good Thursday. Please overlook anything miss-spelled or worder wrong. I apologize.