Thursday, October 26, 2006

Good Morning . . . .

To all 3 of my readers, 1 being me.

I saw where no one won the powerball, so thats good. More for me when I win it, lol, and YESSSS, It will make me happy. O'so very happy! ehehehehehehehe

Anywho, not really much to say I guess. The other night I didn't get any basketball pictures because it was a closed practice, but I'll get a chance to get some. They did mention she was a fast little runner.

I got Mother's fridge cleaned out last night..YUCK.GAG...yuck..gag...YUCK..GAG............GAG. Okay, I guess you get it. There was dog hair all in it????? I was thinking, how in the heck did it get in there. My theory was cubby has to be getting up at night and fixen him a snack! He hates that stinkin crap dog food mom gives him, so he sneaks around when she is asleep and fixs him something else. Yup, that is it. You wait, I'll catch him doing it!! I will.

Speaking of animals, we've got two cats. I don't think they like us. Anyone a pet psychic? They have lived with us a year and really.......they just live there. They could care less if we are there or not. If we were the cats.....they's never feed us, I can tell.

The last "convention" mom went to, she came home and said she split services with a lady who spoke to the dead *light whisper* yes you heard me right. She spoke the dead.......dead pets! Let me tell you what a field day I had with mom on this. I was like, PLEASE tell me you didn't give someone $100 to talk to Cricket (her last pet she totally loved to death, it was her second child) "Mom, What did Cricket say, "I love you and I'm in a good place?" or Did Cricket come up thru the lady's body like Patrick Swayze did Whoopie in GHOST and say "ruff ruff........ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff.........ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff .......ruffruff......ruff ruff...BARK!" Needless to say, Mom never told me the special words spoken to her from her beloved Cricket up in doggie heaven. Mom did mention the conversation was taped. BAH HAHAHA LOLOLOLOL But of course, she will not let me hear it. AND I don't understand why?????????? Cause I could crack on this so much more. :)

Well, I got to get ready for work. Have a good good day! Toodles, M