Thursday, October 26, 2006


I left for lunch today with Glenn and we ended up at Micky D's. No more got in the door and what do my wandering eyes appear...................a child crawling around on the floor while (I ASSUME) his grandmother ordered.

Boys and Girls...................can we say OH MY GOD!!!

How stinking GROSS!!!! I looked at Glenn and said, I bet five bucks they don't go to the bathroom to wash up! Needless to say if it were a real bet, I'd be $5 dollars richer! We know what that little boy got for lunch............bacteria! And supersize that please!

We were fixing our teas and the lady walked up to the worker cleaning the soda machine and asked for a booster seat. Glenn, under his breath, said, "why not just throw the kids food on the floor."

Anyone dressing up for Freak Day? I thought with the terrific size 2 figure I have (*COUGH COUGH* 2X) that a Dallas Cheerleader costume would look SMASHING on me. Okay, I heard someone snicker!!! Fine, maybe a pumpkin then. Actually I thought I might be able to squeeze my fat butt into Taylor Minnie Mouse costume from last year. It seems really big. If I do, I promise to share a pic or 2.

Well, done eating, back to work. Bye! Misty