Sunday, October 01, 2006

I spent most of the day at Mom's. Bless her heart, she is still trying to get rid of stuff. She needs to get rid of ALOT more, but she is making a little progress.

We went thru book cases full of stuff and we found all sorts of things. I got these wonderful old pictures. One of mom when she was around 8 or so with her dad. My grandfather, but I did not know him too well. I am very close to my Nanny, but they were divorced when Mom was a teen, well before I was even born. Also, a picture of Nanny when she was very young, late teens early twenties. Along with some other oldies, but goodies.

Found an old brooch, a big box of sharpened wood pencils (Yes, I am amused easily) and some really neat little nick-nacks that someone gave mom from their trip to Holland and Germany. Mom let me have them. I found this little box wrapped up with a wind up key. It was a music box! Just a wrapped up music box. It is a little on the strange side but I was intrigued with it. It was true today, "another man's trash in another mans treasure." Or a woMAN in this case.

We all sit on the back porch and burned pine needles and leaves in a new burner that mom got for her birthday. I think the girls had more fun doing that than anything. What is it about burning things that excites a person. I use to get in trouble all the time as a child. I got caught striking matches and burning my Dad's cigarettes several times. I never smoked them, I just lit them to watch them burn. Once I laid one against the baseboard in the bedroom. It burned down and started burning the wall and mom smelled it and found it just in time. I could have burned the house down. Taylor sat outside at moms and would strike matches and throw them in the burner. Like mother, like daughter. Thanks goodness neither Glenn or I smoke!!!

The reunion was nice yesterday. The weather was perfect, the kids had fun, and it was rather relaxing. Usually the kids swim while we are there, but it has been chilly the past few days and water was cold. No one swam; just ate and talked.

We got home later that afternoon and Glenn and I watched this show about winning the lottery. It showed several people who had won the lottery and how it changed them. We talked about what we'd buy and got all depressed. lol I found this funny commercial on the net,

That would be a great idea for a scrapbook page. What would you get if you won the lottery?

I hate I didn't get any scrapping done today, but I made up a few idea splashes along the way. If I have my notebook with me I'll write them down. Since I haven't been scrapping as much I'd like to, when the ideas hit, I'll at least amuse myself by writing it down.

Any Hoo HA, have a great day tomorrow. M