Saturday, September 30, 2006

Giving Blood

I stopped off at LifeSouth today and yet again, I was running a fever!!!!! The last time I went by I was also running a fever. I'm not feeling sick sick. Most of the time I feel like crap, but it is a generic thing, haha. I guess I will try again in a few days. They still gave me a shirt. Barely got in the car with it and Taylor took it from me.

We ate ALLLLLLL the popcorn balls, think that could have gave me a fever? Hummmm????

We have a reunion to go to tomorrow so I must get in bed. I need to be 1/2 way presentable. Nite All.

Here are some layouts I did tonight. Two I used pictures I took at the parks today, and one from Summer ball. Thanks for looking, Bye, M