Monday, May 26, 2008

Hope everyone is safe and enjoying their extra long weekend, I am!

My thing every year is going to the balloon festival at Point Mallard. Seems the same balloons are there every year, but I still love to see them.

This year we had Gracie Lou, so she got to enjoy everyone as well. She got a ton of attention. Poor thing walked those little short legs off!! She probably thought we were punishing her in some way, but when we finally sat in the field she napped a little.

Here is my wonderful niece Holly and Gracie chilling out and waiting for the balloon glow. She just graduated Thursday from Austin High. Holly that is, not Gracie :)

These are the balloons. I tried to get themas they were glowing, but my camera turns to crap after dark.

Gracie just sitting around. I have to say she is an amazing dog. Very Smart and fun, she did so good. We got there around 3:30 and left around 9 pm (I think) and she was no problem. She came home and went right to her kennel, she was pooped!

My other sweetie, Hannah-Claire. She roamed around the whole time playing games and SHOPPING!

Hannah showing off her new Tat; like mother, like daughter. She got the bear claw/dream catcher in memory of her Paw Paw Johnny. She said we needed to put alcohol on it so it didn't get infected. LOLOL!!

That's all for me, good night....or good morning!

OH....and I almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubbie Glenn, 36 years old.