Sunday, March 02, 2008

So, I am sitting here at the library. Taylor and a friend are doing a little research for a project, Hannah's at a party, and I am surfing the web :)

As I checked out a few of my fave blogs (that I never have time to check out daily) I found these photographs, Bueller. These are so wonderful! I love to look at photos, beautiful art makes me want to snatch up my camera and take pictures. Then to later realize, mine are so much crappier, lol. Today is such a beautiful day outside, I just might have to do that before it gets to dark outside.

How is it that we keep having this C-r-A-Z-y weather?! Hot cold Hot COLD hot cold HOT, it's no wonder everyone around me is staying sick. Here I am coughing all over this keyboard. Whos knows what germs were already here, it's a public computer!

With only 3 minutes left of my hour session, I guess I can't say too much more.

Have a good Sunday, relax.................. Misty