Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank GOODNESS it is Payday, I was fixen to to breakdown and pawn one of the girls! I got a lot to get ready for this week before Tater goes on her Disney trip with the band. She is so excited and I'm excited for her!

Here are pics from our last game, we lost this tournament game but it sure was fun! So, basketball is over now. I looked forward to Softball season with good outdoor photographs!!!

You can't see her, but that is MY HANNAH-CLAIRE making a basket the last 11 seconds of the ball game. Would have made for a awesome story if it was the winning basket, but it still was great!

Check her out, she is so awesome! She was a riot to watch. She might not have been the best basket thrower, but the girl could take a ball from anyone!

What she done best, staying on them!

If you could see that girls face, you'd be able to see the fear in her eyes, lol!

Hannah pissed this girl off, she was stuck to this girl the whole time she played!



Joy Pate said...

Go hannah go! I love how in the first picture that one girl is picking her pants out of her crack! LOL! She is really in the game! :)