Friday, February 01, 2008

First thing this morning, to brighten up my day I get an email about these . . .

Here are the necklaces I was talking about the other day. She sent me the pics, are they not totally awesome! From the shop of STOOPIDGERL. I luv'm and I can't wait till Easter, it will be hard for me to give them to the girls now. I'm eager to see them in person now.

Last night was the first basketball game of the tournaments and Hannah and the team won, 11-10. It got close at the last minute, it was definitely a nail biter game. Saturday is the next game and we play the wonderful team of Little Miss Attitude problems. I'll be at my wits end with this game, I've almost decided to just stay home. These girls are mean and hateful. Hannah-Claire and one of the other ones usually have it out, she will push and push till Hannah gets sick of it and starts pushing back. Hannah's not big on the mouthing part, but she takes care of herself. lol I hope we win, but they beat up both time we played them in the regular season. We shall see!

I forgot my camera last night, I won't forget it tomorrow night.

I haven't taken any train car pics lately and when I was leaving out Wednesday, this one was sitting still on the tracks and I love it; very colorful and inspirational. (to me anyways)

Well, it's Friday morning, I'm all dressed up (kinda sorta, I IRONED a shirt and curled my hair, that's dressed up for me) , I got my ipod going, I feel it's gonna be a terrific day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M