Monday, January 14, 2008

Had a good weekend, got alot done, but laid around the house alot too. It was so pretty out side Saturday that I made Hannah-Claire cutesy up so I could take pics. I forget about those glasses of hers.

I took my canvas outside to take pictures of and I kept hearing the geese and I finally found them. We live a mile from the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

I did this canvas awhile back, just never posted it. I was tweaking it, I think it is finished now, it's a 16x20.

The lighting is C-R-A-P-P-Y in the house, but I had my camera yesterday deleting the bad ones of Hannah-Claire from Saturday and I captured this. My hubby was actually hiding from me and my camera, but Hannah walked into a trap is what she done, lol!

All from me this Monday morning...GOOD DAY! Misty


Magpie said...

Love your changeable blog banner. Too cool!

Lisa said...

Loved it all.. your pictures are super sweet and that canvas is very pretty. I think the victim play is sweet. Have a great day!