Friday, December 21, 2007

to everyone! I guess this will be it for me till after Christmas. I'm ready for it to be over. I'm broke and tired and Christmas day hasn't even arrived yet.

I got a ton of cleaning to do this weekend. The family (Glenn's family) will be at the house Monday night and we'll be at their house for Christmas Day. This is the first year to have everyone at my house for Christmas Eve. I am really excited about it, it will be fun. I only have my Mom and Nanny, so it don't take much to get us together. Glenn's family is the best, I love his large family (2 brothers (2 SIL's), 1 sister, parents, 8 nieces and nephews). Not the largest is the world, but compared to mine...........large :)

The girls and I bought $150 worth of baking (candy/cookie) supplies! Enough stuff for 10 recipes I chose for the girls and I to make. This is the first year I wanted the girls to get to make candy. Well........I have found out, making candy is ALOT HARDER than I first expected. We only got peanut butter balls, 24 cupcakes, one batch of sausage balls (yes, I know this is not candy, but we had to have something to snack on) and .........I'm thinking........Oh and (2) Christmas trees made from Fruity Pebbles and Coco Pebbles.

We've got the weekend, so we plan on making more for Christmas Eve Day Fun. I'm sharing a few pictures I took of the girls decorating. The cupcakes are far from the Christmas motif', but using green, red, and white gets old, so the girls just decorated them as they liked.

This is a beautiful ornament I got at an ornament swap party. I mentioned to the girls here at work that we needed to get together and this is what we did. There was seven of us and we had a really great time. It's nice to spend time with work friends AWAY from work.

We put up 4 trees this year. Last year was a terrible year for me, the tree only got put up because my oldest done it. So this year I was in the spirit of things and the girls and I filled the house with trees. This is a little 4 foot tree on the end table in the living room.

This is the 8 foot tree in the living room. I love the tree this year. Nothing new this year but the tulle and swags I inserted into the tree (which you really can't see from this pic), a whooping $19 updating fee :) I usually have white lights, but Nanny had these pink ones, they were free, lol.

This is the mantle in the living room as well. This fireplace we don't use. We use the wood burning stove in the den, but I didn't decorate in there.

This is a beautiful snow globe we have had for many years. When Glenn's grandmother passed away, the company we work for gave us a gift cert. to a store downtown. This is what we got in memory of her. Glenn tears up every year we un-box it for Christmas. If anything happens to it, he will be heartbroken.

This is my favorite Decoration. I am not sure how old she is, but I remember her from when I was little.

This are the pictures from all the decorating. (Boy, she working hard, huh, lol) After Taylor added the heavy icing to her tree, it started to lean. It ended up looking like Dr. Seuss's leaning WHOVILLE TREE. It was still edible though.

Cupcake decorating.

Hannah-Claire and her crazy festive red hair. The child loved using those sprinkles. Her cupcakes looked like the sprinkle fairy threw up on them.

To the only 3 people who read this, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be safe during traveling!

Over..............and out!