Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday Hannah-Claire had a practice game and while she was getting ready, sissy fixed her hair. She came running to me with this cute little bun on her head and a ribbon tied around it. I looked at her and said, your gonna be a little girl today? The child has at least a dozen pairs of camo pants, and she very rarely fixes her hair, let alone put a ribbon in it. But, from time to time, she feels like dressing up. Anyway....She said, Yeah, I let tater fix my hair this time. I told her, you just feel like being a "girl" today, lol. And she says...

"I wish I was a boy sometimes so I can adjust my crouch."

Taylor and I fell out laughing! Yes, the child watches too much wrestling!

We were going to try moving into the new house this weekend, but it might be stormy, but I guess we'll move what we can. If it don't rain, the season opens tomorrow and Hannah-Claire has 2 games, one a 9am and one at 11:30am. It's gonna be a busy weekend.

TAXES are due Sunday, hope you've got your done!

Have a good weekend all, maybe I'll have some pics Monday. Bye, M