Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mom was out of town this past weekend and Nanny dog/house sitted while she was away. Me and the girls went over there to keep her company for a few hours. It was rainy all day, but I managed to go outside and snap a few pictures, before the girls came out and started acting silly. Just looking around made me really sad. I miss my dad alot and everything in the backyard reminded me of him. The cane he planted years ago has gone wild and taking over. He use to keep it cut back and with him now gone, it's almost to the back door. Here are a few shots I took:

This willow use to cover 1/2 the yard. It was so huge and full of life, it has died since my dad passed. The cane has killed the tree, and the neighbor's garden too.

My dad's dove cages, now full of grown up weeds and ivy. I remember when the dove's would go nuts sometimes. Dad would go in the cage, look around and 9 times out of ten, pull out a snake. He'd walk it over to his workshop and let it go inside. He wasn't afraid of anything. He loved snakes, I never saw him kill one.

The (ONCE) beautiful gazebo. Well, it still is if you could see it. It was a large Asian themed gazebo, I've never seen one like it. My dad fixed it up with a brick floor, birdbath, and seats. Now, it just kinda creepy. The cane has gone so wild, it has covered the whole gazebo, you can't see it now. I thought mom sold it before I got to looking and found it among the cane forest.

One of my Dad's MANY lovely bird houses.

The empty dog house. It use to crack me up to hear my dad's red bone hound bark and howl. She was the prettiest dog my dad had ever owned.

Poor little swan. She was once seen sitting by the pond, talking to the frogs and fairies. I guess she got lonely cause she is swan prison now. I heard she got caught soliciting sex. (just when you think you know someone)
One of the swan's EX-clients.

He looks a little guilt too :)

This is my taterbug :)
*You can't see me*

Miss Lumberjack.

I stood in on place to long taking pictures that the fire ants got me! They had got all the way up to my back. How they managed to get up and over my butt is a shear mystery.

Now for yesterday's photo's!!! Hannah's first "real" game of the season. It was awesome. I think they hit every time they got up to bat. Hannah batted 3 times and got on base twice. The third time she got out, but she knocked 2 runners in! They over threw the ball alot, but overall, they were terrific. I think the score was 18 to 9. Here's a few pics from last night's game:

That's all I have for today, M