Friday, April 20, 2007

I was SUPER late to work this morning. As I got close to work, I passed a large charter bus full of older people coming out from the park. My first thought was the steam boat was docked at the river. Every time is comes in town from Mississippi, I always miss it. So, since I was late already, I turned around and went to the park to check things steam boat, but I did get a few fine shots of the downtown life here in Decatur. It was a beautiful morning:

Bridge over the Tennessee River here in Decatur, right across the road from this bank . . . .

Old State Bank, Built in the 1830's. There's a fountain beside it, but it was going this morning.

Oh and here's some more train art for you :)

We've (or Hannah-Claire) has a ballgame tonight at 5:30. I look forward to it. They played so good at the last game, I hope they keep up the great work.

I've gotten 99% of my scrap goodies moved to the new house and around 75% of it is UNPACKED and in it's new "space." With the game at 5:30, I'm hoping the game will start on time, for once, and we might be home by 7pm. *Keeping my fingers crossed* Thinking I might get to scrapbook a little tonight. MIGHT being the key word. I've hung pictures on the wall, unpacked boxes, and more boxes, and more boxes, and more boxes to the point I want to do something in the non "unpacking" field. The house does not look to horribly shitty.

Have a good weekend, Sunday is Earth Day! Think twice before you drink too much Saturday night, cause if you pass out on the lawn and wake the next morning, you might barf on the grass, killing it on Earth day and I don't think you want THAT on your conscience.

Bye, M