Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm so glad the weekend is here, aren't you?!!

Last night I worked on this box mom wanted me to decorate with. It's those paper boxes you can get from the dollar tree. Real nice knick knack boxes. My spray adhesive worked real well on it and the paper stuck super good. The glue worked so well, my arm is stuck to my desk this morning. Some I managed not to get off this morning in the shower.

If you can tell, I use my new gadget that had the plastic tags. It worked good too. I'm fixen to start gathering things for a yard sale and this machine is going to come in handy BIG TIME!

I believe Mom gave me this picture a few months ago, or it may have been Nanny. That's my Nanny on the far right, she is so pretty. The thing is, she is still so beautiful. To see her, you'd never believe she was 80 years old. I love this picture and I plan on making a copy and scrapping it soon. I'm gonna ask Nanny how old she was and all about so I can journal.

Just thought I'd share a little of something old and something new.

Have a great Friday! Misty


~Telah said...

Great job on the box! It looks so cool and vintage! Spray Adhesive rocks! I bought modge-podge to use instead but I think I'm going back to my spray adhesive!