Monday, November 20, 2006

The morning after

MOM: "Morning Sunshine"

TAYLOR: "yeah, morning"

MOM: "Do you feel 13?"

TAYLOR: "no"

MOM: "you plan on moving out this week?"

TAYLOR: "no" (with) *mom....your stupid* look on face.


The birthday dinner went well. I cooked a ton of food, way to much, but at least everyone had enough to eat. I enjoyed it pretty much except trying to keep a watch out on my sister-in-law. (she has sticky fingers!!) I could get started on this nightmare, but I don't have enough time, nor energy. I'm not even going to start calling names cause it does me no good to get pissed off. What does it prove? I just hope I still have everything in the house that I had before she showed up. *I hid stuff* and from myself too. It will take me a year to find it all. Hell, I'm like a squirrel, I hide stuff and never find it. I have to watch taking off my wedding band. I have taken it off, forgotten where I laid it, then months later find it in a bowl in the kitchen cabinet????????

Here is a picture of Taterbug's cake. It turned out really cute and she loved it. She is very easy to please.

What about that Alabama/Auburn game?! WAR EAGLE!!! Hannah-Claire had 2 little boys over at the house all day long, from morning till night. Glenn had the funnest time messing with them. They'd run in the house and check on the game and Glenn we mouth something and they mouth back, lol!

I'll end with a cute pic of my little baby doll from last night. Daddy asked me to take it :)

Bye, M