Friday, November 17, 2006

on something else. I'm all teary eyed. One of the salesmen here in my office just sent me an email of their new baby. They are foster parents of a 19 day old baby boy. He was premature and they just got to leave the hospital with him yesterday. It just got me to thinking of how strong they must be. I think it takes a special person to foster children. I would get too attached and then to have to give them up? And I know some people do change, but the ones who don' end up having to hand the children back over to them. Just waiting.......waiting for them to *uck up again. It is sad the system works that way. Just looking at his pictures *while are happy moments* are so sad to look at. okokokok enough of that before I start the water works again!


Taterbug's party went well. She ended up not have alot of friends there though. Several of her close friends are on the Basketball team and they had a game last night and didn't make. She still had fun though. They skated and ate pizza, just what "teens" do :)

Taylor's Cousin JOSH (whom NEVER lets me take a pic of him)

Taterbug and her friends!

Taylor and one her bestest friends. This was a friend of hers who moved away and goes to a different school this year. Taylor don't get to see her much at all. I was glad she got to come.

Hannah-Claire and her "boyfriend." One of the ladies who worked the party knows us, we all grew up skating together. She loves Hannah-Claire to death. She walked up to Hannah to give her a hug and said you are the cutest thing, and Colten (boy friend) said, that's my girlfriend! :) She said, "well then, do you know she's pretty?" Colten said, "yeah!" hehe, I thought it was priceless.

Just my sweet Taylor :)

Family dinner will be Sunday and I think I am all ready for it. A little more of that crap called cleaning and I'll have it.

I found this and I had to share it, I love the "funky" and "unusual."

Thought of the day *guess what I get to do REAL soon*: Why is it your OB-GYN Doc leaves the room when you get undressed if they are going to look up "there" anyway?

Bye, M