Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Don't know if I could be more depressed today if I tried. Seems like nothing has gone right all week.

Took the girls to the dentist yesterday and BOTH of them have 3 cavities a piece. LUCKY ME! Taylor is a very good brusher, but with those braces, it's hard to get them as clean. I got one of those water picks, hopefully that will work good. Taylor shot me in the side of the head with water last night. Hannah-Claire can't work the button to stop the water and spit at the same time, she almost choaked, but it was awfully funny to see her try.

I let her laugh at me later. While painting nails and toes, I tried to teach her how to look cross eyed. Is that not lame or what. Shows how twisted I really am. Anyway, she got the biggest kick out of it and so did I as she looked everywhere but her nose.