Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I use to be so good at this blogging thing and here it is again...several months since I posted last.

When the year is up I really really want to do this YEAR IN PICTURES thing, where you take a picture everyday and post it. That is the plan! I am getting more and more forgetful and I really wanna keep this up for memory purposes. Who knows, hopefully this whole BLOG thing will stay around longer than the cardboard tampon. :)

In 16 days I will have a beautiful girl turning 17. I guess it should be more like beautiful young woman, cause that is what she really is. Everyday I envy her. She is so beautiful, so smart and has tons of friends and people who like her. Things I never had. People say she is spoiled. Yeah, spoiled with love from a family who adore her. It surely isn't the money, we don't have any, lol. From the day Glenn and I married we have struggled with the money. I keep thinking that one day we will learn how to deal. I wished we had already cause I worry all day everyday how we will be able to send this girl to college, something I want her to have. It is something she needs and wants for herself. She is Growing up so so fast!

Taylor Aileen Posey (age 16)