Monday, August 09, 2010

First Day Of School

for my girls today and I didn't even get the "first day of school" picture of them! Sometimes I am such a numb nut! They looked cute too.

Tater said she was in shock that I didn't drag her outside. I am FULL OF SURPRISES sometimes, lol.

It blows my mind that Taylor is a Junior this year and Hannah, while she still looks like a kindergartner, is in 6Th grade. It's wild how time has flown by. Glenn and I, our anniversary is Thursday, 17 years!! All good too, no bad. :)

Well, as bad as I want to continue typing, I am in pain from cleaning up the concession stand earlier. I feel like I didn't do much but dang I was sweating like a pig!!! I still got some more to do though. I am very excited about this years Marching Season. The show is great so far. It always give me chills when our band plays.